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webmiztriz 9/21/16-2:42
i work full time but watch/trade whenever i can.. you are one BADASS Nugt trader ;o) thankx

I just started trading 2 months ago so i’m still looking for a strategy that fits me. There are a lot of different ways to trade out there and i found that sizing into my position is easier for me to handle.What i typacally do is i look for momentum stocks with some kind of PR or good earnings. I trade those once i see a bull flag or higher lows being formed where i can risk my trade of the last low or even the low of the day. Seeing your video really was mindblowing to me. I am used to seeing people use all kinds of indicators so i never approached trading the way you do it. In one of your videos you said that you have a list of 10 stocks that you trade. is there a specific reason beside the range why you only trade those?

Hey Glenn,

Looking forward to growing with your service !
After being in several chat rooms, what I have found favorable in Trading Sniper is the small community and easy access to you as the facilitator.   I would like to see the room and content remain simple, learnable and actionable.  Not being distracted by off-topics or non-relevant information I have noticed in other rooms.

From the ticker.tv review-

 He has a ticker.tv account where he posts videos on his trades based on the setups he likes and he calls his trades out live in the chat window. You can follow him on ticker.tv here. I have found this to be a very beneficial resource and have actually started implementing some of his strategies and setups into my own trading.

You can check out my review on ticker.tv here:



From the Ticker chat room:

From Joel P to Everyone: 03:21 PM
ill journal now thanks for your feedback see ya tommorrow

Rxalex 11:43
Awesome trades Glenn!

arooooon 2:43
you need to start a live room so I don’t miss your entries 🙂

shah 10:14
you are better than all the chats i have joined

hoyje 3:21
great trade on aapl

hoyje 1:36
wow, good call on crto its flying.

desichemist 10:37
Took the QQQ trade, happy!!

desichemist 11:02
You opened my eyes on how simple trading can be in terms of indicators and stuff. I was following too many indicators, cluttered the mind.

arooooon 1:26
will check it out. I enjoy your stream

Galterman79 10:31
thanks its all based on your training

Thank you

arooooon 12:05
so I am trying to be very vigiliant with the 3 trades i make. You had very good calls this morning

Rxalex 10:29
thats was a beautiful trade

martytv1 10:30


ej223 3:47
thank you for all of the videos you’ve been posting as well just recently started watching but i’ve learned quite a bit from you!

dst_NJ 10:46
thanks Glenn

dst_NJ 10:46
appreciate your input

AJ4001 10:07
thanks !

dst_NJ 10:20
Glenn great hit on nugt

randr 9:51
gm and nice trade

randr 9:43
+1.25 on nugt

dalton 8:49
Hey Glenn – found your channel and website this weekend and watched a bunch of your videos. Thanks so much for all the great info!

arooooon 2:03
nice nugt call btw

dalton 11:08

yeah thanks for explaining the 15 over bought only when moving down in this video and the one over the weekend really helped make the stochastics make more sense

mcainc 10:12
excellent nugt trade glenn

gto11520 8:39
gm Glenn great work as always

Dori 10:12
entered at 133.19 exit at 134.57 for $1.38 profit…. good trade Glenn

dalton 10:01
yeah, I’m a beginner, So I do a lot of practice trading and experimentation with that. But whenever I do real trades I usually stick with the ETFS and Glenn’s price action approach. So far I have been doing okay, which is awesome.


Glenn, congrats on taking your site to the next level 🙂

mcainc 11:00
1.98 on nugt today thnx Glenn

EricM 8:25
I’m fine- will keep watching u guys today and learn

fmalembeka 3:01
Awesome; liked your videos and looking forward to learning some new ideas here

ragnar_82 2:02
hey Glenn, just wanted to say I’m enjoying this chat room!

dst_NJ 9/20/16-4:06
good night everybody…and as always THANK YOU