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Trading Snipers Equity Trading is devoted to day and swing trading based on price action and high probability set ups. I believe education is the most important aspect of successful trading.

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 A Little About Me

Many  years ago I attended an on line trading school for over a year and a half and was mentored by people who traded for a living. I attended because I believe education is extremely important in learning any trade, especially one where we put our money at risk. Too many people in this industry believe that a weekend seminar and/or a couple of books can provide enough education to be profitable and I disagree.  I hope this website can be a mentoring experience for everyone who watches.
My style of trading is based on technicals, primarily price action and market structure.  I am not a fan of fundamentals because I believe they are subjective.  Only price is objective and crucial to being on the correct side of trades.  I use two moving averages, a stochastic and floor trader pivots for day trades and the FTM/OVI with price action for swings.  Options are my preferred trading vehicle. I also use a small watch list of big ATR stocks.  That keeps things simple.
I use options on most trades ( lots of leverage, be careful- leverage can work for and against you) especially in the first two hours of the market. This is usually when most of the volatility happens. Then on the weekends, some of my time is spent  volunteering with an organization that paints houses for people in financial need for free: paintyourheartoutpbc.com

The Flag Trader Method is reviewed via the link below. In less than 10 minutes, you can get the main ideas of a swing trade system that has been analyzed by independent hedge fund analysts and PROVEN to dramatically increase your odds of winning trades. It includes a proprietary option market based indicator that shows the position building of BIG, smart money. The method also includes 3 continuation and 2 reversal patterns that can be easily scanned for (included) in up and down markets for entry/stops. Also, the method uses an awesome Trade Plan for safety (no winners turn to losers) and for windfall profits. This keeps things simple and simple is good.

A trading innovator, Guy Cohen is the creator of the OVI, FlagTrader and OptionEasy, as well as being the author of four best selling books. With blue chip clients who have included NYSE, Euronext and the ISE, Guy has introduced his user-friendly brand of trading to over 100,000 traders throughout the world.

I am very happy to be teaching an 8 week intensive course consisting of a weekly class and weekly individual sessions per student on this method. The course includes a 1 year post graduate monthly follow up too. If you have any questions, contact me here- glenn@ovitraders.com and I will be happy to get in touch with you- thanks.


So stop by anytime and feel free to chat.  I hope this can be a learning and a positive trading experience.  Thanks- trade and be well!!




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